Wednesday, July 2, 2014

關於拆除這件事 About Demolition





Now the exhibition has been removed. Probably it's time to think about demolition, shelf life, and abandonment.

"This is a possible process for future development of a metabolic city. We are in an era surrounded by garbage. Manufacturing and production of anything is to be abandoned.

From annual disposable, to seasonal disposable, to monthly disposable, to weekly disposable, to daily disposable. Single-use. Out of sight. Out of mind. Disposable love, disposable clothes, disposable houses, disposable furniture, disposable towns, disposable streets, disposable parks , disposable forests, disposable architecture, disposable knowledge, disposable messages, disposable art, disposable islands, and disposable memory."

Let's mourn about all the things we have thrown away. Should there be a cemetery which can settle them?

門上有藍天 A Roof with a "VIEW"


Though the exhibition has ended, the superb observatory in Wolong 29 might continue for a while. Come to this interesting base to enjoy the conversation with old trees and houses. Special thanks to Wolong29 team for offering us such a wonderful space to finish this exhibition.

拆除 Demolition




The site of demolition during the closing party. We demolished the developers' visionary city as a ritual to say goodbye. ...It's much easier to destroy than to create. It took us several days to affix the ads to the walls. But it took only a few minutes to dismantle them. Damage can also generate a sense of accomplishment. No wonder people are so keen to destroy. After the removal ritual, I can't help but think of the mood of demolition workers. Do they feel that they are creating a new atmosphere? Or they sense that they are slaughtering others' memories and feelings. Many thanks to all those who participated in the ritual this afternoon.

For people who created the exhibition space, destroying the nasty vision of the developers and the space and memories they created, they would have mixed feelings. Tomorrow, the one-month memory will be reinstated. Time is required to digest everything.

For those who were forced to see the houses they lived being torn down, where memories had been accumulated for a lifetime, how much time do they need to digest the fact?

Friday, June 27, 2014

另一種視角 Another Perspective

6/27 下午台北國際藝術村的駐村藝術家 Anne-Flore Cabanis 指導同學們進行即興創作工作坊。另外一種視角來觀看臥龍二九,現在入口的小徑充滿令人耳目一新的有趣裝置,讓你再回來看展的理由! 

6/29 13:30 閉幕放映彩繪派對

On 6/27 afternoon, the resident artist of Taipei Artist Village Anne-Flore Cabanis instructed the students to create for an improvisation workshop. Another perspective to watch Wolong 29. The trail at the entrance is now filled with refreshingly interesting installation works. Now you definitely have reasons to return to the exhibition before it ends! 

6/29 13:30 Closing Screening and Painting Party